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Red Flower Apothecary

Skin Tea

Skin Tea

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This tea blend is excellent for the skin in producing collagen, regenerating new skin cells, correcting pigmentation, hydration in the form of minerals, evening the skin's surface.

All organic herbs of hibiscus flowers, red clover, red raspberry leaf and nettle leaf + dried lemon slices

Hibiscus Flowers: Increases collagen production, improves lines and wrinkles, brightens and tightens skin.

Red Clover: Contains caffeic acid which prevents premature aging, reduces inflammation and boosts metabolism

Nettle: Rich source of copper, magnesium and potassium along with several B vitamins and E. Also contains calcium, essential fatty acid, folate, iron, selenium and zinc.

Red Raspberry Leaf: Also contains a high vitamin and mineral content, caffeic acid and antioxidants from lutein.

This is best taken as an overnight infusion: place 2 tablespoons of tea in a 16 oz jar, pour boiling water over to the top and seal with a lid. Leave overnight or 8-12 hours.

Provides 20 - 2 tablespoon servings

Tart taste.

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