What is a tincture and how do I take it?

Essentially, a tincture is a much like a supplment that you take in pill form, only it is liquid.

A tincture is liquid supplement, that has been macerated using a solvent (usually alcohol, water, glycerin, vinegar, or a combo) and plant of choice. It is then extracted after an extended period of time, which then becomes the final supplement to take internally.

Tinctures should be taken in water or another beverage to offset any gastrointestinal upset. For acute conditions, tinctures should be taken directly under the tongue. Doses vary depending on plant/herb and the user.

Can I combine tinctures together?

Yes, when taking an herbal program, it is common and wise to take tinctures together. Think of it as taking your supplements together.

Taking tinctures in smaller doses, spread throughout the day, will provide the most benefit overall.

When will I start to see results from the tincture?

Depending on what you are using and whether the condition is acute or not.

For example, when using adaptogens for energy or calm, you should see results within the first 15 minutes. The same will occur when taking something for a headache, sleep, allergies. (For these conditions, take a does every 15 minutes until desired results.)

Other tinctures, such as mushrooms for chronic health issues, adaptogens for hormone changes, etc. could take weeks and months to see changes.

How long should I take the tincture that I purchased?

Depending on the tincture used, it could range from temporarily to indefinitely.

For example, blends for headaches can be taken as needed, same with sleep blends. Other blends you might want to have on hand, such as echinacea for acute viral infections.

Other plant medicine, such as mushrooms and adaptogens should be taken ongoing for optimal benefits to the body. Think of it is a vitamin and mineral supplement.

How long does a tincture last?

It depends on what you're taking and how often. Typically a 2 oz bottle will last 2-4 weeks and a 4 oz will last 3-6 weeks.

For example, chasteberry is once a day, but taken over several months for hormonal change, so a bottle will last a few months.

However, a 4 oz bottle of liver blend taken 3x a day will last about 3-4 weeks.

What is the shelf life of a tincture?

Alcohol tinctures last anywhere from 2-5 years, but usually more towards the latter. Checking smell and consistency the longer it sits is wise.

Glycerin based tinctures will last 18-24 months.

Skincare products will last 12-24 months. Again, check smell and consistency.