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Red Flower Apothecary

Skin Glow Serum

Skin Glow Serum

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🌿Pure Squalane Oil: Softens skin and locks in moisture - great for dry or aging skin, helps soothe inflammation, regulates oil production for those with oily, acne prone skin. Mimics natural skin sebum. Recommended for all skin types.

🌿Pure Vitamin E Oil (undiluted): Very potent as D-Alpha-Tocopherol it heals the skin at a fast rate - scars, burns, dark spots - antioxidant, helps to prevent blackheads, offers protection from the sun (especially when combined with vitamin C). It keeps the skin intact while protecting it from the environment and prevents further damage. (People with acne prone skin or sensitive skin should be cautious of vitamin E and test a small area.)

🌿Organic Marula Oil: From the Marula Tree -
Similar to skin's own oil, won't clog pores, antioxidant protection, anti-aging benefits, helps other topicals absorb better. Good for all skin types.

🌿 Petitgrain Essential Oil - One of my favorite moisturizers includes this not-well-known oil, so I really wanted to find a place for it in my skincare line. It is soothing for all skin types and problems - rosacea, acne, sunburn - it will not disappoint with it's unique scent and benefits.

1 oz bottle, a little bit goes a long way!

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