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Organic Tummy Soothe Tea Blend

Organic Tummy Soothe Tea Blend

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I developed this tea blend in the effort to help those who struggle with constant diarrhea, IBS diarrhea and need to be on OTC medications daily.

Blackberry Root: Stops the diarrhea

Nettle: Super nutrient rich and offers support to the whole body

Astragalus Root: Supports deeper aspects of the immune system and corrects the gut to prevent autoimmune diseases

Ginger: Soothing to the digestive system, also a fantastic immune booster

Chamomile Flowers: Soothing to the digestive system, gentle nervine and pain relief

30+ 1Tablespoon servings

Make up tea 1 cup at a time; taking 2-3 cups a day. Or making in large batches and store in the refridgerator.

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