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Organic Skin Blend

Organic Skin Blend

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These conditions are directly linked to the liver, blood (circulatory) and digestive systems.

(Fact: The digestive, immune and hormonal systems go hand in hand.)

In the herbal world blood purifiers and liver cleansers are always prescribed for these conditions.

🌿Herbs that release liver heat: dandelion root, burdock, oregon grape root and yellow dock root. Removes "heat toxins" from the blood, intestines and liver.

🌿Blood purifiers: red clover, sarsaparilla and echinacea. Also helps to remove waste products

🌿Protective herbs: milk thistle. Regenerates new liver cells and protects the liver from damage.

🌿Chasteberry is used to balance hormones - especially estrogen and testosterone. Used in teen acne.

A good cleansing program (through diet or supplement), proper lymphatic drainage (through herbs and dry brushing) and a building diet.

Hydrotherapy, exercise, carrot/beet juice, oatmeal baths and sea bathing are recommended depending on condition.
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