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Organic Shiitake Mushroom - Dual Extraction

Organic Shiitake Mushroom - Dual Extraction

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🌿 Fights & Prevents Cancer - clinical studies
🌿 Immune Regulator
🌿 Anti Viral
🌿 Anti Bacterial
🌿 Liver Protectant
🌿 Lowers Cholesterol
🌿 Respiratory Inflammation
🌿 Cold and Flu Fighter
🌿 Regulates Diabetes
🌿 Counteracts Chemo side effects
🌿 High Blood Pressure

I used powdered herb 👉 macerated it 👉 extracted it 👉 dual extracted it for all the goodness of the beta-glucans in the mushroom cell walls. Very happy with the finished consistency ❤️

I highly recommend Dr. Christopher Hobbs' book "Medicinal Mushrooms"

Ingredients: Organic shiitake mushroom, GF alcohol and distilled water


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