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Red Flower Apothecary

Organic Rose Hazel

Organic Rose Hazel

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Rose Hazel 🌹4 oz
Organic Rose Petals infused in Organic Witch Hazel and Purified Water with 100% Pure Geranium Essential Oil

Red, Inflammed Skin πŸ‘‰ Soothed Skin
Breakouts πŸ‘‰ Clear Skin
Oil Control πŸ‘‰ Balanced Skin
Large Pores πŸ‘‰Closes Pores
Dry, Irritated Scalp πŸ‘‰ Soothed Scalp
Dandruff πŸ‘‰ Hydrates Scalp
Saggy Skin πŸ‘‰ Firms and Tones
Dark Spots πŸ‘‰Lighter Skin


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