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Organic Rice Water

Organic Rice Water

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Fermented Rice Water has 👇
Amino Acids
Vitamins B&E
Inositol to repair hair and expedite growth
Pitera - a yeast that occurs during the fermentation process that supplies cell rejuvenation

When to apply -
When your hair is wet in the shower, spray directly onto scalp and massage in. It will work better and be less drying if you apply after just rinsing your hair or just a co-wash. 

Spray directly on your face, after washing/using an oil cleanse, let dry

Tip for Rice Water:

🌿Store in fridge to make it last longer.
🌿I add essential oils to the Rice Water I sell, however you can add more to cover the smell as time passes.
🌿Add orange, lemon or lime peels to help the smell.
🌿Storing in your shower might not be best due to the warm/hot temps.
🌿The solution becomes more concentrated over time - adding water will help.
🌿Spray on face after washing and before moisturizing.
🌿Spray on hair from roots after shampoo/conditioner. Do not rinse out. Dry hair as usual.

Ingredients: Organic Jasmine Rice, Distilled Water, Lavender essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil

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