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Organic Rehmannia Root

Organic Rehmannia Root

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Top 50 herb in Chinese medicine ❤️

We are all born with so much core energy - jing energy. This becomes depleted from over work, lack of sleep, chronic stress, etc.
Enter 👉Adrenal fatigue, lack of energy, anxiety, stress and depression

🌿 Rehmannia brings overall youthfulness and vitality, reduces accelerated aging and restores your core energy. Very helpful for hair loss and aging skin.

🌿 Immunomodulatory: The intelligence of this herb actually helps our body adapt to situations.
💜 Echinacea, for example, excites macrophages and t-cells and should only be used short term. Rehmannia can be used daily for the immune system, even for people with autoimmune disorders.

🌿 Contains catalpol to stimulate antiinflammatory hormones such as cortical to help regulate cortisone.

🌿 Rehmannia clears "heat" from the body, which can be several symptoms, namely inflammation, constipation, anger, ulcers, red tone skin, etc.

🌿 Hormone regulating 🙌 I originally researched this plant as a post menopause weight gain remedy. It shows a lot of promise to help with this, among other hormonal related things including PMS

🌿 My favorite: It provides wonderful Minerals to build blood and improve the quality and potency of the blood.

Ingredients: Rehmannia Root, GF alcohol

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