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Organic Lion's Mane - Dual Extraction

Organic Lion's Mane - Dual Extraction

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Lion's Mane is well known for focus, cognitive function and memory.

All mushrooms contain beta glucans, each have a different function depending on the mushroom. Lion's Mane contains 35 beta glucans, which are anticancer, anti tumor, immunomodulators, supports gastritis and ulcer healing, cognitive function.

Lion's Mane also contains diterpenes, specifically erinacine A, which allows nerve repair, plus mind and memory protection.

✨Overall Benefits✨

Nerve support and repair for neuropathies, pinched nerves or nerve injuries.

Mood regulation

Memory/Cognitive function

Digestive Health


Anti carcinogenic




Blood sugar regulating

Blood pressure lowering

🌿I use my dual extraction method in this process after weeks of maceration to get all of the goodness from the herbs!


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