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Organic Good Gut Tea Blend

Organic Good Gut Tea Blend

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I created this tea to help people repair their digestive systems.

Oftentimes people experience IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and other unpleasant digestive issues such as pain, gas, malabsorption, due to leaky gut. This is due to tiny little holes in the intestines that "leak" nutrients into the bloodstream. This causes issues with bowels, digesting food, even nausea.

Foods such as gluten, processed dairy and seed oils create these tiny holes.

It is essential to "knit" the intestines back together; plant medicine can do this. If chronic digestive issues continue, it can ultimately cause autoimmune diseases and thyroid conditions.

Plants in the Tea:

Calendula: Repairs the skin topically and internally. Has been shown to heal ulcers and repairs internal wounds after surgery. An intestine repair herb.

Ginger: Soothing to the digestive system, improves immune function

Nettle: Super nutrient dense herb

Chamomile: Soothing to the digestive system, gentle nervine, pain relief. An intestine repair herb

Plantain: Repairs the skin topically and internally, also an intestine repair herb.

Astragalus: Supports the deeper aspects of the immune system and helps to prevent autoimmune disease.

Marshmallow Root: Soothes the digestive tract, also repairs

30+ 1 Tablespoon servings.

Take 2-4 cups a day for best results

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