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Organic Chasteberry (Vitex)

Organic Chasteberry (Vitex)

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Chasteberry (Vitex) boosts the pituitary and hypothalamus naturally to increase progesterone production. It balances the estrogen/progesterone ratio and decreases testosterone when there is a dominance. To be clear, this does NOT contain progesterone; it allows the body to produce progesterone on its own.

Can help with:
🌿PMS and painful periods (irritability, heavy bleeding, sore breasts, heavy cramping, mood swings)
🌿PCOS (some forms it not suitable)
🌿Fertility issues
🌿Irregular periods
🌿Menopausal symptoms (message me for specific ones)

This is also an excellent herb to take post partum to combat post partum blues, sadness and depression. Can be taken in conjunction with St. John's Wort for the same symptoms.

Also treats hormonal acne, especially where there is a testosterone dominance. For both males and females in this case.

🌿You should take a break 5 days per month/cycle from chaste berry. If you're unable to start you're cycle, stop taking chasteberry a few days before your first cycle day. Otherwise take a break the first five days of your cycle.
🌿You should take chasteberry in the morning for optimal benefit.
🌿Take a break after 4-9 months of consistently taking chasteberry to see if your issue is resolved. If you feel better taking it, or if the issue returns, continue use.
🌿Do not give to girls under the age of 18 - the pituitary gland is still forming and could do harm.

Ingredients: Organic ground chasteberries (vitex), GF alcohol

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