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Mag(ic) Mushroom Lotion

Mag(ic) Mushroom Lotion

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This creation sure was a labor of love and a journey of perseverance!

I am so thrilled to offer a magnesium lotion that can offer you so many benefits through the skin.

Magnesium alone is responsible for over 3,700 reactions in the body. We need to constantly be replenishing it and working to retain it in the body for optimum health. Kids need it too!

Involuntary muscle twitches, eye twitches, chronic stress, chronic pain, irritability, hyperactivity, processed diet - these are all indications of magnesium deficiency, among many others.

Perfect for nighttime, before bed, applied to the feet, abdomen, spine (muscle aches too!)

This lotion offers 250mg of magnesium per 1/2 tablespoon - Ancient Minerals is the source of this - TOP quality magnesium from an ancient seabed.

For a reference: you should be getting 5 mg of magnesium per lb of body weight.

Sounds crazy right?

Nope, totally necessary.

And magnesium is not something that you'll be able to get completely from food. Our ancestors knew this and were keen on getting rich mineral water sources - even bathing in it!

It must be taken orally and topically in supplement form, oils, lotions, baths.

I personally like magnesium glycinate for nighttime, and magnesium malate is popular for daytime as it is energizing.

❤️Also infused with organic olive oil & Reishi mushrooms - Reishi is perfect for relaxation and a great night's sleep - along with Shea butter, coconut oil and frankincense.❤️ Also contains a natural preservative, olive emulsifier and stearic acid.

Note: Because this is a natural product, separation might occur. Simply reblend and place in the fridge for it to return to its original state. 

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