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Mag Oil

Mag Oil

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"Living without adequate levels of magnesium is like trying to operate a machine with the power off" - Christiane Northup, MD

"Without enough magnesium, cells simply don't work" - Lawrence M. Resnik, MD

Excellent article to read on magnesium:


1) Dilate blood vessels to effectively transmit nutrients and oxygen to the body's cells, tissues and organs

2) Gatekeeper for the cells, allowing waste to pass through and nutrients to come in

3) Boosts immune function and protects against infections

4) Copies and repairs DNA

5) Aids in detoxification

6) Helps to activate and regulate hormones

7) Essential for healthy bones and teeth

8) Essential for nerve function

9) Essential for muscle function

10) Prevents calcification in organs

11) Regulates blood sugar

12) Eases stress and irritability

13) Better sleep

14) Energizing (as it feeds the mitochondria of the cells)

15) Proper liver support

16) Crucial for those with iron deficieny anemia

Transdermal (topical) magnesium should be recommended first over oral. I have many people come to me who are already taking oral but not receiving full or much benefit. Oral is great (when taken in the proper form), but topical should be used throughout the day, as our cells burn up magnesium quickly.

Topical forms: Oils, Lotions, Foot Soaks/Baths with chloride flakes. Magnesium chloride is restorative while magnesium sulfate is (epsom) is detoxifying.

Also check out my Mag(ic) Mushroom Lotion - A calming magnesium lotion

Apply to stomach, legs, arms and/or feet as often as needed throughout the day. 10 sprays offers 78mg of magnesium.

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