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Day Skin Moisturizer

Day Skin Moisturizer

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Day Skin Moisturizer🌹All Skin Types

When I first set out to make this moisturizer I wanted to create a base that was new, original. I wanted all good oils - no PUFAs or anything that would cause free radical damage. (This also benefits estrogen dominant ladies who need to keep these in check.)

Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Unrefined Shea Butter along with a more rare emulsifier - olive oil based. Mushrooms make a rich oil. I chose Chaga for all of its amazing benefits: It contains betulonic acid which regenerates new skin cells and collagen production. Because of my love for the liver, I wanted to add in Artichoke Leaf - it contains ferulic and caffeic acids along with tons of antioxidants to help bring youthfulness back and fight aging.

Had to add Organic Rose Hydrosol from the beautiful Mountain Rose Herbs for the ultimate lux experience, soothing redness and evening skin tone. Roses are an all star in the skin world; used for hundreds of years.

No essential oils, for sensitive skin. This is non-greasy, quick absorbing and the best choice for under makeup. It will not cause your makeup to run or melt off ❤️ Great pair with my Sunshine Face Cleanser, Rose Hazel and/or Organic Rice Water Spray and Skin Glow Serum

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