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Dandy O' Lav Salve

Dandy O' Lav Salve

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This is an original multi-purpose salve: a beautiful blend of dandelion leaves/roots, chamomile flowers and lavender essential oil.

If you're anybody who ever gets a cut, scrap, burn, sting, bite, sore, rash, chaffing, diaper rash, sunburn, even staph infection!....this is for you.

I wanted to make a salve that I could put on my kids no matter what they came to me with. I wanted something to replace Neosporin, Hydrocortisone, Calamine, A&D...all the over the counter remedies.

This is absolutely the "go-to" topical remedy for everything in our house (and many of my customer's households as well!)

Doubles as a nighttime intense moisturizer for the face and will boost eyelash and eyebrown growth.


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