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Calm Adaptogens Sampler

Calm Adaptogens Sampler

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Not sure which calming adaptogen is best for you?

Try the Calm Adaptogens in a 1 oz size to see which suits you best!

Siberian Ginseng: Given for adrenal fatigue, cancer, long term illness, high cortisol, diabetes care and candida support. This plant has the longest history of adaptogen research.

Ashwagandha: Excellent to lower stress, anxiety, and cortisol. #1 recommended as a thyroid regulator.

Reishi Mushroom: A calming mushroom, known as the "king of mushrooms" - stress, immune and sleep support. 

You can read more about each plant medicine mentioned above individually on this site! Just use the search bar.

(Product contains three 1 oz bottles, one of each plant medicine)

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