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Adrenal +

Adrenal +

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Support you adrenal glands and liver while replenishing minerals and electrolytes.

The function of the adrenal glands is to produce hormones that regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure and response to stress.

The electrolyte support from Adrenal + in the form of Redmond salt and potassium in the form of cream of tartar helps to nourish the adrenal glands. Adrenals that are nourished helps to support the liver which is responsible for making bioavailable copper, also known as ceruloplasmin. (Many people are deficient in this vital mineral due to a stressed body and poor liver function.)

Since much of the body's vitamin C is stored in and used by the adrenal glands, the acerola cherry in Adrenal + supports this as well.

(Sources: Root Cause Protocol, John Hopkins Medicine) 

Adrenal Cocktails are traditionally taken at 10 am and 2 pm, away from food to work with the circadian rhythms and supporting sleep later on. However, it is more important to get 1-2 servings in a day whenever possible.

1 container provides 60 - 1 tsp servings

Ingredients: acerola cherry powder, real Redmond sea salt, potassium as cream of tartar, organic coconut sugar

Directions: Take 1-2 servings a day in 2-4 oz purified water or other beverage. Mix well with a hand whisk, brother or shaker cup. 

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